Artiben prashantbhai S. on Database Design

Answers to database design questions by Artiben prashantbhai S., Bhavnagar, India
Date: 3 January 2015

Please explain (or briefly describe) the general philosophy behind your database design approach.

     The tables must be related to each other to save the repeated data entry.

What is something you have seen done repeatedly in database design work done by others people which you find to be particularly annoying or detrimental?

     Use of general names given to text boxes and command buttons such as text1, command1 etc.
     Also use of docmd.domenuitem like old VBA code.

Given that you are database specialist, how does what do you while creating your database architecture save clients time and/or money?

     As I said, using the relational tables we can avoid repeated data entry and will save time and/or money
     Same is with the use of combo boxes.

Where do you live?

     Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

Briefly describe your pertinent work and/or educational background.

     I have done Bachelor of Computar Application from local college

What are the industries you have the most experience working within?

     Building, Ammunition, Insurance, CAR-BIK, Pension,Accounting, PO, Inventory

Your rate is higher what other programmers and freelancers charge. How does what you do with database design save clients and companies money in the long run?

     I do complex things quite faster.. So multiplication is always cheaper

You have special expertise in database design. How is what you do different from what a generalist computer programmer might do when it comes to creating a database back end?

     I do it with relational tables and the field names are quite understandable.. Table names start with tbl..

How is the database design work you do distinct from and also integrated with other aspects of overall software/technology systems?

     My own naming techniques for the tables and field names..

What is the biggest example of a "rule" you routinely break? (Or another way of putting it is: what popular tradition are you most likely to depart from, if any?)


What RDBMS have you used extensively, or are at least somewhat familiar with based on first-hand experience?

     Microsoft Access

Given an assignment to create a website from scratch for Company X, what RDBMS are you using? (website specs: principle table has 10,000 rows and will grow to 200,000 over next five years; admin back-end, general browsing, user logins; no more than 100 concurrent users)

     Sharepoint server

What other technologies are you using for this website?

     via web based access application

What tools would you be using? (IDEs, code editors, database design tools, if any)


Aside from the database design, how much other development do you typically do? How much would you prefer to do?

     Outlook, powerpoint

Table names: plural? singular? or something else? why?

     Singular mostly

How do you name your primary identity fields?

     e.g. empID for tblEmployee

If you use stored procedures, how do you decide to use them or not use them? What are your alternatives?

     I am not expert in sql server

Why would a client who needs database design work done be making a wise move to hire you (if you're available)?

     If he wants it in Microsoft access, I am always be ready and will be quite faster than others..