Biju John on Database Design

Answers to database design questions by Biju John, Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala, India
Date: 3 January 2015

Please explain (or briefly describe) the general philosophy behind your database design approach.

     Always use client server based approach for MS Access database.
     That is, separate back end db from front end application. Use code to link back end db or link it directly to the front end db.
     Other design approach are:
     * Make a list of objective that are required by users
     * Use meaningful and short name for tables an fields.
     * Use proper index. At least one index for one table
     * Set priority for security
     * Follow database design standards
     * Use table structure in RDBS model.
     * Make room for future enhancement that does not affect the existing setup
     * Use proper primary and secondary key relation

What is something you have seen done repeatedly in database design work done by others people which you find to be particularly annoying or detrimental?

     * use field name that never used
     * Use of complex field name and field type that are heavy for db to process
     * Do not use RDMBS model
     * Use unnecessary indexes`
     * No documentary
     * Enhancement may be expensive as it affect the existing functions

Given that you are database specialist, how does what do you while creating your database architecture save clients time and/or money?

     * Ask client the exact requirement
     * Study it properly.
     * Make list of objects
     * Send the details to the client and confirm with the client the requirement
     * Design the database in a properly structured manner
     * Make room for enhancement without affecting existing setup.
     * Make provision for dynamic setting of criteria wherever possible. This saves modification times.

Where do you live?

     I live in Kerala, southern part of India.

Briefly describe your pertinent work and/or educational background.

     I hold a bachelor degree in computer science. Also, I have international diploma in computer programming.

What are the industries you have the most experience working within?

     I have been working as software developer abroad in an oil industry (Saudi American Oil Company) for severla years. Also, I had worked in an construction industry as an IT Manager. I have been working as freelancer in oDesk for 3 years.

Your rate is higher what other programmers and freelancers charge. How does what you do with database design save clients and companies money in the long run?

     My rate vary depends the type of requirement and job.

What RDBMS have you used extensively, or are at least somewhat familiar with based on first-hand experience?

     MS Access, MySql, MSSql and FoxPro

Given an assignment to create a website from scratch for Company X, what RDBMS are you using? (website specs: principle table has 10,000 rows and will grow to 200,000 over next five years; admin back-end, general browsing, user logins; no more than 100 concurrent users)

     MS Sql or MySql

What other technologies are you using for this website?

     HTLML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, PHP and JSP

What tools would you be using? (IDEs, code editors, database design tools, if any)

     Dreamweaver, net beans, eclipse

Aside from the database design, how much other development do you typically do? How much would you prefer to do?

     Prefer coding in VBA, PHP anf Visual foxpro