What are the industries you have the most experience working within?

Jules Bohanon, Lakeland, Florida:
     Government, education and health care.

Assem Bayahi, Mourouj 1, Tunisia:
     Press/Media (Mobile Applications) and NGO (Web applications).

Md. Obaidul Haque Sarker, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
     I have over 10.0 years of experience as a software engineer in software design and Development Company.
     In my job tenure, I have done crucial projects on Governance, banking, pharmaceuticals, garments, NGO, education & telecom industry. I have worked in domain areas such as Human Resource Management, Payroll, Accounting, and University Management. In most of the projects, I was involved in database design and development.

Ehtisham Rasheed, Sialkot, Pakistan:
     i've most experience with development and teaching...

Christian Koch, Berlin, Germany:
     Most experience I have with data for computer systems and adresses.

Mark Horner, Bristol, England:
     Education and Financial Services, my current and previous role involved working in the Financial Services sector and my role before that was with an education company. I have developed quite a strong knack for picking up new projects/ideas/theories quickly as when one is working in Financial Services it’s very fast moving with various products coming about.

Ven Grollmus, George Town, Tasmania, Australia:
     Based on the companies, the industries have mainly been in telecommunications and traffic management.

Bruce Bray, Phoenix, Arizona:
     Government County Recorder offices. I supported two (2) counties here locally for a number of years. Wrote a Microsoft Access application with a SQL Server backend that did all of their voter registration. Also used Visual Basic to develop a Indexing application.
     Investment Firm Industry - I wrote an application that managed all of the contacts, contracts, payments, future values, call logs, word mail merges, excel reporting using Access as a front end and again SQL Server as a backend.

Yuriy Sultanaev, Ufa, Russia:
     loans; finance

Temitayo Ilori, Berea, Ohio:
     Education, Manufacturing and Consulting.

Biju John, Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala, India:
     I have been working as software developer abroad in an oil industry (Saudi American Oil Company) for severla years. Also, I had worked in an construction industry as an IT Manager. I have been working as freelancer in oDesk for 3 years.

Artiben prashantbhai S., Bhavnagar, India:
     Building, Ammunition, Insurance, CAR-BIK, Pension,Accounting, PO, Inventory