Why would a client who needs database design work done be making a wise move to hire you (if you're available)?

Jules Bohanon, Lakeland, Florida:
     They should be so lucky :) I stopped taking new customers in February 2014 and have three customers who have been waiting on me that long. There's no doubt in my mind I'm in the top 10 best Access developers in the country, if not the world. I'm fast, I'm good, and I can actually communicate in plain English. I make time for production emergencies even if it means 9 pm on a Saturday. My customers love me, and the feeling is mutual, I help them run more efficiently and I get to work from home and set my own hours.

Assem Bayahi, Mourouj 1, Tunisia:
     Well, four things: My search for perfection, My analytical capacity and Most of all my capacity and my desire to learn new things (all that I have learned from the start of my career, I learned it by myself: php, symphony, cakephp, codeIgniter, Titanium, GWT, Tapestry, Maven, GIT, SVN, Ruby, Python, OpenERP...). The fourth thing is my frankness : If I know I can't do the job, I will say it loudly :)

Md. Obaidul Haque Sarker, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
     Stored procedure is good when you need to do some complex queries and calculation in database. All queries are embedded in a single stored procedure which is called by the application in once. But if you execute each query in separately, it is very costly. It degrades the performance too.
     If you want to execute single SQL statement in application, you don’t need to write stored procedure.

Ehtisham Rasheed, Sialkot, Pakistan:
     it will be a wise decision to hire me because of following reasons:
      a) i've strong foundation in theoretical as well as practical aspects of database design and development
      b) i know how to get work done
      c) im available any time after the job for any improvements
      d) i've strong history/portfolio at oDesk more than 3000 hrs, more than 150 jobs, more than 4.8 feedback out of 5.0
      e) im multiskill person... can do WordPress, desktop development and all type of MS Office applications

Mark Horner, Bristol, England:
     Because I communicate effectively, I don’t overestimate and under deliver and I spend a lot of my time working with Access or updating my knowledge browsing various forums for new problems. Further to this I always find a way to get something done and always see a new challenge as exciting if it isn’t something I haven’t overcome before and I don’t see at as tedious. Besides this, I have a ridiculous work ethic and make sure I am building what my client wants, not what I think they want (and yes this does involve quite some feedback from yourselves when it gets to UI design!).

Ven Grollmus, George Town, Tasmania, Australia:
     My background, experience working with both large and small companies, persistence to ensure quality work is produced and to ensure that the client gets what they are paying for is of my highest concern. My prospective client need to ensure that they get the best bang for dollar, and not have to be paying for re-work.

Bruce Bray, Phoenix, Arizona:
     Because in this particular field, Access / Office / VBA / Visual Basic / SQL Server programming, there is just nothing that I cannot do. I hope you don't find that statement arrogant, because I'm not that way at all. As a matter of fact, I continue to learn constantly. It's just that I have been doing this so many times for so many years, I have a ton of confidence in this area.

Yuriy Sultanaev, Ufa, Russia:
     I am a specialist in databases
     I have skills of designing complex systems
     I have experience in development of Large Live MS SQL MS Access
     Maybe I can be useful in your project

Temitayo Ilori, Berea, Ohio:
     I create a high performance database that makes it easy to input data, manipulate data and retrieve data. It conforms to all the normal forms and the dependencies are normal. The relationship are not too complex.

Grace Elaiza Seballos, Davao City, Philippines:
     I am not only for database design work. I am a whole system package. I want to know how everything works, and I have to be there from start to finish. That is the only way I can also give the optimum solution to the needs of my clients. The data layer, the business logic layer, and the presentation layer need to have an architect who knows who these three work hand-in-hand seamlessly. That is me.

Artiben prashantbhai S., Bhavnagar, India:
     If he wants it in Microsoft access, I am always be ready and will be quite faster than others..