Given an assignment to create a website from scratch for Company X, what RDBMS are you using? (website specs: principle table has 10,000 rows and will grow to 200,000 over next five years; admin back-end, general browsing, user logins; no more than 100 concurrent users)

Jules Bohanon, Lakeland, Florida:
     SQL, every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Assem Bayahi, Mourouj 1, Tunisia:
     We have already done some sites with similar specs and we used MySQL witch is often used with websites/web applications. If configured well (right log level, clean data, enabled cache,...), MySQL is good enough.

Md. Obaidul Haque Sarker, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
     I will prefer to use MySQL RDBMS for the above assignment.

Ehtisham Rasheed, Sialkot, Pakistan:
     i know only basics of web development i.e. HTML, CSS and WordPress not comfortable with dynamic web development...

Christian Koch, Berlin, Germany:
     I would use MySQL with php ... like I did on my website.

Mark Horner, Bristol, England:
     N/A here as we’re making an Access DB and not a website.

Ven Grollmus, George Town, Tasmania, Australia:
     In developing a website for Company X, the RDBMS that would be used would be dependant on the underlying operating system of the servers hosting the website and RDBMS. Saying that, I was involved in developing a website, with database for Telstra, and we used SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio .Net.

Bruce Bray, Phoenix, Arizona:
     Well, I thought this was a desktop application, not a web application. Access would really be a poor choice for this type of application. Most of the actual WEB database connections i have made, I did in PHP using MYSQL. But it would be the same for a .NET application using SQL Server on the backend. The only thing about that is, some of the web hosting companies have very limited versions of SQL Server running. So you would want to make sure it was robust enough. For example, one particular hosting company I used would not allow UDFs to be created. I could never do that with SQL Server as that is such a great technology to use.
     As far as general browsing, I am comfortable doing CSS and HTML5. I have done a little Wordpress, but really have no interest in programming in Wordpress.

Yuriy Sultanaev, Ufa, Russia:

Temitayo Ilori, Berea, Ohio:
     MS Access or Oracle Database, depending on what suits the client

Biju John, Pathanamthitta Dist., Kerala, India:
     MS Sql or MySql

Grace Elaiza Seballos, Davao City, Philippines:
     That depends on the company. If this system is their "bread and butter" to either save on their expenses, or increase on their sales (a must in their day to day operations), and the company is a large enterprise corporation, I would first suggest to them to use Oracle. Nothing beats Oracles (except their price). Mostly likely, they won't want Oracle pricing (unless they already have peoplesoft). So, by average, in my experience, most will opt for MS SQL Server. I usually only would suggest MySQL last and usually only because if the website they need is nothing more than basic features.

Artiben prashantbhai S., Bhavnagar, India:
     Sharepoint server