How is the database design work you do distinct from and also integrated with other aspects of overall software/technology systems?

Jules Bohanon, Lakeland, Florida:
     How is the database design work you do distinct from and also integrated with other aspects of overall software/technology systems?

Assem Bayahi, Mourouj 1, Tunisia:
     I think that it's necessary to focus on database design, but it's also needed to collaborate with developers because sometime, the database design must be modified to help make it easy for the developer to go forward.

Md. Obaidul Haque Sarker, Dhaka, Bangladesh:
     Database design is the crucial part of any new database application development. Database designer must understand domain knowledge (i.e. software requirements) of the application, and also should have DB design experience. DB designer read SRS or BRS document for domain knowledge. DB design is done in design phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) process.

Ehtisham Rasheed, Sialkot, Pakistan:
     when overall structure of database is robust, it is easy to integrate with other software... the experience plays key role here... :)

Christian Koch, Berlin, Germany:
     I do not often use DAO. Only for the frontend.

Mark Horner, Bristol, England:
     Working with Access is brilliant thanks to VBA, as this enables me to integrate solutions across various platforms. For instance, as previously mentioned automating reports via email is not a problem but we can go one step further and do things like automatically populate a contract or a word template, to then print or password and email off to your client(s). It’s things like this that really make Access strong in what it does, and it’s something I really enjoy doing.

Bruce Bray, Phoenix, Arizona:
     I find that working in Access is a little more inclusive than working in Visual C or Visual Basic for example. Even though some of the tools defined inside of the application are less robust than something outside of the application, for the most part every thing you need is inside of Access.
     As far as being integrated, outside of VBA with the other applications, I can usually find some sort of app object library to connect with other systems. For example, I bought an Active X object with allowed me to connect with Peachtree accounting for reporting purposes.

Yuriy Sultanaev, Ufa, Russia:
     Creating the optimal structure of the database affects the complexity of all the other processes of writing software for accounting tasks.

Grace Elaiza Seballos, Davao City, Philippines:
     I treat database as only a database. And a database should only do 4 things, and that is "Insert, Update, Delete, and Read". You will not find me using triggers or stored procedures. I always treat the database as a separate layer, and should not be combined with the other 2 layers (business logic and presentation/UI layer).

Artiben prashantbhai S., Bhavnagar, India:
     My own naming techniques for the tables and field names..